Ramsay Taum is one of a select few in his generation who might be describedrt-right-face as a “young ancient.”  Given the responsibility of keeping, guarding and passing on the cultural wisdom, knowledge and practices of his Native Hawaiian ancestors and their rich culture, Ramsay has been mentored and trained by respected Hawaiian kupuna (elders) in multiple disciplines including:

hooponopono, lomi haha, & Kaihewalu lua.

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Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Recognized locally, nationally and internationally Ramsay is a world class speaker that has been educating, enlightening and entertaining audiences for nearly 30 years.    Highly sought after as keynote presenter, lecturer and facilitator he is as effective in the board room speaking to a dozen as he is  speaking to thousands in an arena.  Whether its under a tent, the starlit skies of Hawai’i, or the lights of an auditorium his thought provoking messages and insights inspire and inform audiences of all ages across multiple sectors and cultures.   He has worked with the rich & famous, the meek and the mighty, the young and young-at-heart. (read more . . .see what others say)

Coach, Consultant & Trainer

With nearly thirty years of experience in business, community service and higher education, Ramsay has provided coaching and consulting services for business executives and captains of industry, decision makers and leaders in for-profit and not-or-profit businesses, as well government leadership including the cabinets of Mayors & Governors, legislators, community councils and chambers of commerce. (read more . . .)

Author & Thought Leader

Ramsay’s thought provoking insights and concepts have provided content for and have been the inspiration for  numerous articles, books and essays and is often referenced by others.  He is currently working on two books capturing many of those provoking insights, observations and concepts that have challenged, intrigued, inspired and influenced students in the classroom, executives in board room and thousands in the arena. (sample his work here)